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Revolutionizing Your iPhone: Unveiling the Latest iOS 17.3 Updates & Apple’s Bold EU Moves

iOS 17.3

The latest news about iOS includes several significant updates and changes. Recently, Apple announced changes to iOS, Safari, and the App Store in the European Union to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). These changes involve more than 600 new APIs, expanded app analytics, functionality for alternative browser engines, and options for processing app payments and distributing iOS apps. Moreover, Apple is introducing new safeguards to reduce risks associated with these changes, although they acknowledge that many risks still remain.

Notably, these updates include a new framework and APIs for creating alternative app marketplaces and options for distributing iOS apps from these marketplaces. Additionally, developers will have the option to use alternative payment processors in their EU apps on the App Store, across Apple’s operating systems.

Another significant update is in iOS 17.3, which introduces enhanced security features. For instance, Face ID or Touch ID authentication will be strictly required for accessing iCloud Keychain, applying for a new Apple Card, or using payment methods saved in Safari. This version also introduces Stolen Device Protection, an opt-in feature in the Settings app under Face ID & Passcode, available for all iPhones compatible with iOS 17.

Furthermore, Apple Music Collaborative Playlists is another new feature, allowing multiple people to add, reorder, and remove songs in a shared playlist with animated emoji reactions. This feature was expected to launch with iOS 17.2 but was re-added in iOS 17.3.

These updates indicate Apple’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the functionality and security of its operating systems while adapting to regulatory requirements in different regions. For more detailed information, you can visit MacRumors and Apple’s official website.

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